5 reasons why live music should matter to all guitarists

live music

live music
Listening to music is easier than ever. Most of us have access to just about any song we want through the internet and major streaming services. And while our unlimited access to music allows us to listen to a wider range of artists more often, it’s important to recognise that recordings are just one facet of engaging with music.

In this article, we’ll look at five compelling reasons why live music should matter to all guitarists – whether you’re just starting out or perform regularly yourself. Let’s get started.

1. See the sweat

live music
Not all music comes out of a computer! If you’re interested in learning the guitar, it can be an inspiration to see the literal sweat and hard work that producing music demands. The physical act of playing the guitar requires a huge amount of energy, especially in a performance situation. You will almost certainly walk away from a concert with a more profound appreciation for what musicians do.

2. Unplug and tune in

Put the smartphone away, unplug completely, and tune in to the moment. Live music is unpredictable, and a great show should always have a sense of anticipation and uncertainty. Allowing yourself to become totally absorbed in the music and the moment – not to mention being surrounded by others who are doing the same thing – can help reignite your passion for the art.

3. Discover how to nail a particular sound or move

live music
For any guitarist, seeing live music is an educational activity. If you’ve ever wondered how a band achieves a certain sound, or if you’d like to know how to be a better performer, attend a concert. Watching other artists at work is one of the best ways to learn. Who knows, you might discover a new technique, a cool guitar move, or how to cover up little mistakes while performing.

4. Support artists at work

It’s tricky to make a living as an artist, especially now that music is so freely available online. Many artists now make more profit from their performances than their recordings, so one of the best ways to support a musician you love is to buy a ticket to their show.

5. Gain confidence as a performer

live music
As you walk out of a killer concert, you might find yourself thinking, “if they can do it, so can I!” Watching everyday folk transform into charismatic, attention-demanding performers shows that if you have passion and dedication, you too can become a confident performer.

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