Bassists! (You’ll love this interview!) with Harry Brus – Australian Guitar Magazine Archives.

I’d like to go back into the archives and take a look at an interview I did for Australian Guitar Magazine with Harry Brus who has had, as a bass player, one of the most productive and interesting careers in Australian music.

Harry was born in Austria and came to Australia at the age of 7.

Harry Brus

He came from Austria’s 2nd biggest city, Graz, which is also Arnold Schwarzenegger’s home town.

Harry became active in music at 15 and has been hard at it ever since.

I recently asked him who were the most significant acts that he’d played with and id like to talk about a some of those that he mentioned.

Renee Geyer was Harry’s longest association and Renee is one of Australia’s most significant singers.

I first heard her doing “This Is A Man’s World” the James Brown classic which Renee chose as a reaction against Helen Ready’s “I Am Woman” which Renee thought was a terrible song with a weak message.

Renee Geyer

Renee Geyer’s first, self titled, album had Jim Kelly and Mark Punch on guitars (I was fortunate enough to have interviewed both Jim and Mark), Russell Dunlop on drums & Harry Brus on bass.

I remember being struck at how sophisticated and impressive Renee’s band sounded and when we look at the musicians that she played with they were always going make any singer sound at their best.

Often all the praise and credit goes to the front person when they’d be unable to shine without a great band backing them.

Renee had Tim Gaze and Phil Manning on guitar duties for “It’s A Man’s World”.

For any guitar player Renee Geyer’s recorded output is of huge interest because she played and recorded with many of Australia’s most respected guitar players.

“The Party Boys” – Kevin Borich

Kevin Borich was engaged to play on her 6th studio album “Blues License”.

With Kevin Borich “Blues License” was considered to be her hardest edged album.

Harry played in several situations with Kevin Borich including “The Kevin Borich Express” and was another of the significant acts that Harry played with and mentioned.

Kevin Borich

Borich came to Australia from New Zealand in the early 70’s with his band “The La De Dah’s” having a hit with “Gona See My Baby Tonight” he then became one of Australia’s foremost guitar acts for decades and is still going strong today.

His shows are always great, I’ve seen him play on several occasions and he did do one night with my “Guitar Heroes” show so I got to play with him.

Every time I saw him play he attracted a sizeable and enthusiastic audience.

I managed to interview Kevin Borich and of course he had plenty of interesting experiences to share.

We only got 15 or 20 minutes with Kevin which was too short but was gold.

There are a lot of highlights in Kevin Borich’s career like his time with “The Party Boys” which was an Australian Rock super group with a rolling line up.

Formed by Kevin Borich and Paul Christie (from Mondo Rock) “The Party Boys” had contributions from many of Australia’s most significant Rock musicians and singers.

Harry Brus was on bass in one of its line ups.

I never got to see them but the show was very popular and played to sold out audiences.

Maybe “The Party Boys” most popular line up was with Joe Walsh (of The Eagles) and Kevin Borich on guitars.

Joe Walsh had come to Australia to join “The Party Boys” and I’m told that it was quite an event to see Kevin Borich trading licks with one of the worlds great guitarists.

Another of Borich’s career highlights was when Carlos Santana invited him up onstage to jam with Santana.

There’s footage of it from “Rock Arena” that you can google and watch.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Harry Brus as I did.

I spent about an hour in conversation with Harry but we had to keep the interview to around 20 for the magazine so we edited it into two parts.

I’ll get part 2 up for you soon.



1 thought on “Bassists! (You’ll love this interview!) with Harry Brus – Australian Guitar Magazine Archives.”

  1. Great interview I know harry but I never realised how similar my slant on playing with feel and maintaining a groove was.
    Next time I see harry at an arrows meeting (Australian rock & roll old wankers society.) must discuss it with him .
    Cheers Ray Butler

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