Steve Flack’s Guitar Academy Subscription Now Live!

If You Are Serious About Learning The Guitar, Then SUBSCRIBE With A Serious…BUT Fun Course! “I believe every guitar player inherently has something unique about their playing. They just have to identify what makes them different and develop it.” – Jimmy Page Everything we want to learn quickly, we ‘tube’ it and there is nothing easier than thousands of mouth-watering guitar tutorials online sprinkled with sweet promises like “how to master Stairway to Heaven in 10 min”. Truth be told, this is not how you learn a complex instrument – like the guitar. A recent study in the Australian Journal of Music Education found […]

“El Caminante” Trinity College London 5th Grade Study

Understanding The Tradition of "Program Music" El Caminante is a piece I love teaching. It's a 5th grade piece with Trinity College London and in so many ways it sums up the technical and musical [...]

Pro Guitar Essentials – Improvisation Solo 6 (Final)

How Do You Build A Solid Improvisation Toolkit? We've finally made it to "Blues Solo no 6" and I can't tell you how much this set of 6 blues solos helped me to develop my [...]

Original Arrangement Music Video – Black Magic Woman

Successful Bands Share This Life Phenomenon I remember, with great fondness, when I was working on my "Guitar Heroes" volume 1 CD. The guest guitar players were Ian Moss, Pete Wells (check out my interview [...]

Learn How To Improvise Like a Boss! Blues Solo 4 How Clapton's "Beano" Album Will Dramatically Improve your Guitar Skill In an interview with Louis Armstrong, the great Jazz innovator and trumpet powerhouse, was once asked "what is Jazz"? His answer was amusing enough [...]

Steve Flack’s – No Woman No Cry (Bob Marley) Original Arrangement.

Bob Marley Biography "Catch A Fire" - A Great Read! I recently read Bob Marley's biography "Catch A Fire" by Tim White which was great, I thoroughly enjoyed it! There are those that consider it [...]

Learn How To Blues Improvise Like A Boss! Solo 3 0f 6

This Is How You Blues Solo On The Fly... Part 3 of 6 Here's Blues Solo no 3 in the series of 6 that we're investigating So we are at the halfway mark. If you've [...]

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