Here’s my arrangement of the Hall & Oates classic song “She’s Gone” which I always thought would make a great solo guitar piece. I’ve been working away at it for a few years now and I’ve finally come up with something that I’m happy with which I’d like to share with you. Hall & Oates

I recently relearnt “Recuerdos de la Alhambra” the Fransisco Tarrega masterpiece which is maybe the guitar’s flagship and showcase piece. If you ask which piece marks the solo piano’s high point there would be plenty of candidates: Bach, Beethoven, Liszt, Chopin and Debussy all wrote masterworks for the piano, there are so many other composers

I’d like to share my arrangement of “Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered” with you. I’ve also improvised a solo using the song as “motivic stimulus” for my solo, which is the term that Trinity College London uses for their improvisation test. Written by Rodgers & Hart for the hit musical “Pal Joey” “Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered”

Id like to share with you the recording of a Rodgers & Hart classic song that I did with a singer, Jill Player Cotton, called “My Funny Valentine. I always loved playing songs from the “Great American Songbook” so when I met Jill, who also loves those standard songs, we decided to get together every

I’d like to share my arrangement of the classic Brian Wilson (& Beach Boys) song with you. In every poll rankings of the greatest Pop songs of all times “God Only Knows” rates very highly. It ticks every box as to what makes a great song. It has catchy hooks in both the verse and

Glen A Baker Sydney Morning Herald Tribute Article Colin Burgess, the Australian drummer died just before Xmas 2023 and recently his brother and family organised a memorial concert that I was honoured to be asked to play at. Glen A. Baker compared the night and introduced each of the acts as they came up on

I recently shared part 1 of the interview I did with Harry Brus for Australian Guitar Magazine and now I’d like to share part 2 with you. Harry’s a great player! He had an incredible career having played with the cream of Australian musicians and singers so there’s quite a story to tell which is

I’d like to go back into the archives and take a look at an interview I did for Australian Guitar Magazine with Harry Brus who has had, as a bass player, one of the most productive and interesting careers in Australian music. Harry was born in Austria and came to Australia at the age of

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