There are so many great electric guitar players!… which is why it’s such a popular instrument. Names like Slash, Angus from AC/DC, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin are almost household names, they’ve inspired people of all ages to to want to play. It’s said that 10% of the world’s population

Recently I was watching one of those quiz programs on tv and the question was asked “what does Pablo Casals, Yo Yo Ma and Andrew Lloyd Webber have in common”? Weirdly I knew the answer, but none of the contestants did… Andrew Lloyd Webber being the composer of all those smash hit musicals like Phantom

How Did I Clock Over 200 Interview’s With “Australian Guitar Magazine”!? For about 10 years or more I did the interviews for “Australian Guitar Magazine”. It was an amazing experience! I must have conducted over 200 interviews and it was great sitting opposite the likes of Tommy Emmanuel or Tim Farris asking them questions and

“Music has always been a matter of energy to me. A question of fuel. Sentimental people call it inspiration but what they really mean is fuel.I have always needed fuel, I am a serious consumer”. Hunter S. Thompson “Happiness” Is Not Always What You Think It is. Sons De Carrilhoes by Joao Pernambuco is a

This is How Pop music In the 60’s Influenced Todays Music. Here’s my arrangement of Tears For Fears hit song “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”. Since the 60’s, pop music has seen so many song writers pump out an astonishing and mind boggling number of songs every year but among that avalanche of creativity

“Madronos” – A Trinity College Licentiate Diploma Piece As a teenager my guitar teacher at the time lent me a record by John Williams, the great Australian classical guitar player. I recorded it onto a cassette tape and I listened to it a lot, in fact I wore the tape out! I hadn’t written the

This Is Why It’s Mandatory To Have “Sunshine Of Your Love” In Your Guitar Improvisation Skill Set. Following our series of 6 Blues Solos that we learnt to help develop our improvising skills I’d like to now take a look at one of the all time classic solos “Sunshine of Your Love”, maybe the most

This Is How You Blues Solo On The Fly… Part 3 of 6 Here’s Blues Solo no 3 in the series of 6 that we’re investigating So we are at the halfway mark. If you’ve been working on Blues Solos 1 & 2 you’ll have seen your playing improve and you’ll start to get a

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