Steve Flack’s Original Arrangement – Diamonds And Pearls (Prince)

May 16, 2022

Happy Days With Aussie Bassist Ron Martin I’ve been fortunate in my life to have met some great and interesting musicians. The bass player Ron Martin was one such impressive musician that I had the pleasure of knowing. Ron had played with Johnny O’Keefe, Frank Ifield and a range of amazing and interesting international acts

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Steve Flack’s – No Woman No Cry (Bob Marley) Original Arrangement.

April 24, 2022

Bob Marley Biography “Catch A Fire” – A Great Read! I recently read Bob Marley’s biography “Catch A Fire” by Tim White which was great, I thoroughly enjoyed it! There are those that consider it to be the best music bio ever written – It has that reputation. I don’t know if it’s the best

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Learn How To Improvise

Learn How To Blues Improvise Like A Boss! Solo 3 0f 6

April 11, 2022

This Is How You Blues Solo On The Fly… Part 3 of 6 Here’s Blues Solo no 3 in the series of 6 that we’re investigating So we are at the halfway mark. If you’ve been working on Blues Solos 1 & 2 you’ll have seen your playing improve and you’ll start to get a

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The Classics: Domenico Scarlatti Sonata K 352

March 6, 2022

Here’s Domenico Scarlatti’s Sonata K 352 which was originally written for the keyboard but it works really well on the guitar. The Big Three Musical Giants Of 1685 Scarlatti was one of the 3 musical giants born in the same year, 1685. The other 2 were Johann Sebastian Bach and George Frideric Handel. They were

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Album – Guitar Heroes III: Little Wings (J.Hendrix)

February 21, 2022

Stories From The Road I started to film and produce interviews with the great guitar players that played in, and contributed to my Guitar Heroes show because I wanted to know what it takes to make a great musician. With each interview I’d conduct I discovered that there was something unique, curious or extraordinary about

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Steve Flack’s Original Arrangment: The Eric Clapton Medley.

February 5, 2022

“Clapton said he’d never met an Australian before and after meeting this house full of Aussies, he thought all Australian’s must be really smart!” Steve flack Playing In Remembrance Of Martin Sharp And The 7 Degrees Of Eric Clapton. It was a Monday night in 2013, I was teaching at my music academy at Liverpool

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Guitar Heroes: Live @ The Basement “Statesboro Blues”

January 20, 2022

The Birth Of Guitar Heroes And My Dream Of “The Australian Guitar Players Hall Of Fame” Recently we were looking through some of the old live footage from the “Guitar Heroes” shows that we’d filmed and we all agreed that people should be able to see it. So what was the “Guitar Heroes” about? I’d

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(Have You Ever Been To) Electric Ladyland)

December 23, 2021

The Drive And Ambition of Tommy Emmanuel and The Famous Meeting of Jimi Hendrix And Steve Cropper. I’ve read several biographies and books on Jimi Hendrix. They contain so many great stories and anecdotes that give us insight into a great musical mind. These stories and anecdotes illustrate what made Hendrix one of the most

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