Learning Improvisation Techniques From The Greats I’ve worked hard and spent a lot of time trying to learn to improvise. I’d hear great guitar players create excitement on their records with their solos so I wanted to learn how to create that excitement myself. But also what was behind those great musicians that gave them

The Early Life Of Bach Will Surprise You… I like to play something by Bach every day and here I’m playing Gavottes 1 & 2 from his 3rd Lute Suite which is also the 5th Cello Suite. Playing these pieces is a real workout and like anything written by the great German master, J.S. Bach,

Looking Towards Classic Jazz For Improv Techniques. I’ve always loved to listen to jazz and I love to play jazz but with my busy schedule I’ve had very few opportunities to play jazz live. With my Classical Guitar practice, running the Music Academy, my own teaching, the “Guitar Heroes” project (which was my exploration of

Samba Pa Ti And The Guitar Heroes Album I’d like to share my recording and video clip of the Santana classic guitar instrumental “Samba Pa Ti” with you. I recorded it on my “Guitar Heroes Vol 3” CD and it was a real highlight for me, although, pretty much everything about “Steve Flack’s Guitar Heroes”

The Evolution Of Spanish Culture The Guitar If the question is “which piece best represents the Spanish Guitar”? For me it’s Capricho Arabe. Its composer, Francisco Tarrega, was the quintessential Spanish guitarist, composer and Late Romantic figure. Tarrega did considerable research into regional Spanish music and so with Capricho Arabe he wanted to celebrate Spain’s

“I Play So British?” In the ten years that I ran my “Guitar Heroes” show I gained an enormous number of experiences and a lifetime of memories. I haven’t gotten around to counting up the number of guest guitarists that participated in recording or playing live with me but there were certainly a lot and

When Duane Began To Slide – My Personal Tribute Composition to Duane Allman (The Allman Brothers Band) I’d like to share my composition that I titled “When Duane Began To Slide” with you and also the story behind it. I remember when I heard “Statesboro Blues” by the Allman Brothers Band for the first time.

Guitar Heroes 3 “Ry Cooder Suite” Here’s my “Ry Cooder Suite” which I recorded on my “Guitar Heroes” vol 3 CD“ These were a series of CD’s that I recorded with guest guitar players and Dom Turner was the guest guitar hero on this one and there’s a bit of a story behind it… From

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