From Carlos Santana to Pink Floyd – Was Clive Davis The “Angel” Of The Music Industry?

That was his trademark, black t-shirt, sunglasses…motionless Steve Flack The Angels – John & Rick Brewster – Influence and Style I really enjoyed the interview I did with John & Rick Brewster for Australian Guitar Magazine. The Brewster brothers are The Angels guitar section and a powerhouse combination at that. I really didn’t want the

A Conversation With Peter Head and The Rolling Stones The first rock concert I attended was The Rolling Stones at Randwick Racecourse. I was very young and one of my school friends had older sisters that got tickets for us. It had a huge impact on me, it was one of the reasons that I

How Do You Create Something Unique And New? One sure fired way is to take influences from various existing, but different styles, then fuse and mix them together. If those influences haven’t been fused and mixed before – then you’ve created something… unique and new.

He said that there are two types of music, selfish music and generous music Quote Don Was (Interview) How The Slide Guitar Can Create A Memorable “Hook” When I was creating the slide guitar lessons for Australian Guitar Magazine I was keen to do a lesson on “Black Stick” by The Cruel Sea because there

Slide Guitar Lesson: The Cruel Sea Pt 2 “This Is Not The Way Home” There have been so many examples of great slide guitar playing in pop & rock music over the years that when we think about songs that feature slide guitar, we soon get a long and impressive list. So for fans of

…Add the catchy slide solo and we have the perfect example of how slide guitar can effectively lift a good song to the next level. Steve Flack The Cruel Sea @ The Metro Sydney. I remember being invited by friends to see the “The Cruel Sea” at the Metro in George St Sydney. The Metro

The Essentials For A Great Band – Long Hours and Hard Work! We all know the old adage “practice makes perfect”, and it’s true… that if you do a whole lot of any one thing, it’s unavoidable, you get good. Steve Flack When I listen to “Heaven Sent” & “Elegantly Wasted” I hear a band

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