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I’d like to revisit an interview I did with Bob Daisley the great Australian bass player and songwriter.

I was fortunate enough to interview Bob twice and when you see the interview you’ll hear that his career is one of those great Australian stories.

The list of acts that he played with is long and impressive.

The 2nd time I interviewed Bob he’d just finished writing his autobiography “For Facts Sake” and I highly recommend it.

The early chapters I really identified with because Bob grew up at Chester Hill and I grew up only 2 or 3 suburbs away; I went to Canley Vale High and we used to play Chester Hill at footy.

Having played played with “Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow”, Ozzy Osborne and Gary Moore, to mention just a few…”For Facts Sake” is full of great anecdotes and stories, the book gives a bird’s eye view and insight into what life in Rock Music’s big league was like.

Bob played and recorded with guitarists like Steve Morse, Tony Iomi, Steve Vai and Yingwie Malmsteen.

I asked him if he’d play on my “Guitar Heroes Vol 2” album which he generously agreed to do.

He played on a couple of tracks and as soon as he started playing, how and what he played. just gave a lift and kick to the song.

It’s obvious why he was sort after as a Rock bass player and played some of the all time classic recordings.

I really liked the version of “Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad” from the “In Concert – Derek and The Dominos” album, Eric Clapton played some great wah-wah guitar to open the track so I was keen to do it.

At the end Eric Clapton jams out over two chords A – D which I found quite exciting and I wanted to capture that spirit on my recording but I wanted to put a twist on it.

One of Santana’s great instrumental jams was “Song Of The Wind” which was the same two chords (but in a different key, C – F) so I put the two songs together as a medley.

Starting off with “Why Does Love”, I played the wah-wah guitar over the intro then I do the singing which was great fun for me.

The Awesome Jake Lardot

When the track evolves into “Song Of The Wind” I play the the first half pretty much note for note as on Santana’s “Caravanserai” album but then my guest guitarist, Jake Lardot, takes over to the end.

Jake had never heard it before so his solo is completely improvised and very impressive.

Jake also does the middle solo in “Why Does Love”.

Jake has an interesting story himself. He was born in Belgium and played in several high profile bands in Belgium before joining “The Plastic Bertrand Band” who had a world wide hit with the song “Ca Plane Pour Moi”.

Jake toured Australia with Plastic Bertrand and liked it so much he decided to move here to Sydney.

Jake Lardot

Since coming to Australia Jake has compiled a very impressive resume after stints with Rose Tattoo, Doc Neeson, The Party Boys, Dave Gleeson and also many of the top Country acts like Lee Kernaghan.

I first met Jake at a Wednesday night jam held at the Empire Hotel Annandale and we became friends.

I was really glad when he agreed to play on my Guitar Heroes CD.

It was a wonderful experience for me to play and record with Bob Daisley and also interview him.

I hope you enjoy my recordings of “Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad” and “Song Of The Wind” as much as I did recording them.

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