The Suite Spot: A Look At The Trinity 8th Grade J.S Bach Bourée 4th Lute Suite [Video]

Bach to Suite Lute Basics   For every instrument, Johann Sebastian Bach is the high point of its repertoire, and the guitar is no different. Bach wrote 4 suites for the lute (a "guitar like" instrument) that transfers very well to the guitar. In fact, Bach actually never wrote for the guitar but guitar players [...]

The Reason Why Guitar Arrangements Are So Incredibly Important.

I'm continuously asked by my students, "why do I make the arrangements of pop songs"? Think of a book or a movie that you've really enjoyed and have been totally involved and engaged in. As you come to the end of the story you already begin to miss the people, the place and the time [...]

Steve Flack’s Guitar Academy Subscription Now Live!

If You Are Serious About Learning The Guitar, Then SUBSCRIBE With A Serious…BUT Fun Course! “I believe every guitar player inherently has something unique about their playing. They just have to identify what makes them different and develop it.” – Jimmy Page Everything we want to learn quickly, we ‘tube’ it and there is nothing easier than thousands of mouth-watering guitar tutorials online sprinkled with sweet promises like “how to master Stairway to Heaven in 10 min”. Truth be told, this is not how you learn a complex instrument – like the guitar. A recent study in the Australian Journal of Music Education found […]

5 things playing guitar does to your mind and body

Guitarists have a certain aurora about them. You might have noticed just how calm, focused, and confident they appear both on and off stage. Incredibly, many studies from around the globe have found connections between playing the guitar and improving the health and wellbeing of the mind and body. In this article, we’ll examine five [...]

Why a new guitar should be on your Christmas list

The holiday season is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about what you want for Christmas! Well, we’re here to convince you that a new guitar should be at the top of your list. And here’s why. Guitars are the gift that keeps on giving Playing the guitar is a lifelong [...]

Learn guitar online: three unexpected benefits

The internet has made the world a smaller place. We can access just about anything at the click of a button – guitar lessons included. There really is no better time to be an aspiring guitarist. If you’re considering embarking on a journey to learn guitar online, I’ve got three benefits to share with you. [...]

Should you learn guitar on electric or acoustic?

Thinking of purchasing your first guitar? You may be faced with the following question: should I learn guitar on electric or acoustic? There are two popular myths regarding whether beginners should start on electric or acoustic: Start with an acoustic guitar, because it’s trickier and will help you improve your playing technique at a faster [...]

Lead guitar vs rhythm guitar

The guitar is one of the globe’s favourite instruments. In fact, a staggering 10 percent of the world’s 7-billion-plus population has picked up and played the guitar at one point or another. The role of the guitar in classical and popular music is varied and diverse, making it one of the most exciting instruments [...]

Three lifelong benefits of learning the guitar

Thinking about learning the guitar? Not sure if it’s worth the time, effort, and dedication? Spoiler alert – it absolutely is. There are many benefits of learning the guitar. As a passionate musician and dedicated teacher, I have experienced the lifelong benefits of learning the guitar. In this article, I will share three of these [...]