Slide Guitar Lesson and Analysis: The Cruel Sea “Delivery Man” – Final.

How Do You Create Something Unique And New? One sure fired way is to take influences from various existing, but different styles, then fuse and mix them together. If those influences haven’t been fused and mixed before – then you’ve created something… unique and new. […]

Slide Guitar Lesson Pt 4 – The Cruel Sea “Black Stick”

He said that there are two types of music, selfish music and generous music Quote Don Was (Interview) How The Slide Guitar Can Create A Memorable "Hook" When I was creating the slide guitar lessons for Australian Guitar Magazine I was keen to do a lesson on "Black Stick" by The Cruel Sea because there [...]

Learn Blues Improvisation Solo – No. 2

These Blues solos that we're learning will help us to think about soloing in the context of the song form. They show us how to fit our licks in at just the right place.Steve Flack The Secret To Improvising Like A Blues Pro Everyone will tell you that it's nearly impossible to teach "how to" [...]

Learn Blues Improvisation Solo – No. 1

If we're able to improvise in a blues solo, we can then expand the concept into other styles and genres.Steve Flack Woodstock, Jimi Hendrix, Santana and The Blues Solo. I remember seeing the movie "Woodstock" when I was about 12. I was on holiday at Avoca Beach and being a country town, management in those [...]

The Reason Why Guitar Arrangements Are So Incredibly Important.

I'm continuously asked by my students, "why do I make the arrangements of pop songs"? Think of a book or a movie that you've really enjoyed and have been totally involved and engaged in. As you come to the end of the story you already begin to miss the people, the place and the time [...]

Steve Flack’s Guitar Academy Subscription Now Live!

If You Are Serious About Learning The Guitar, Then SUBSCRIBE With A Serious…BUT Fun Course! “I believe every guitar player inherently has something unique about their playing. They just have to identify what makes them different and develop it.” – Jimmy Page Everything we want to learn quickly, we ‘tube’ it and there is nothing easier than thousands of mouth-watering guitar tutorials online sprinkled with sweet promises like “how to master Stairway to Heaven in 10 min”. Truth be told, this is not how you learn a complex instrument – like the guitar. A recent study in the Australian Journal of Music Education found […]

Flashback! Jumpin’ Jack Flash Live at Tamworth with Steve Flack and Angry Anderson

Vid from The Vault! The Nice Boys – Steve Flack, Angry Anderson, Rick Fenn (10cc), Mick O’Shea.   […]

An Interview With Steve Flack on His Eric Clapton Medley

Steve’s latest compilation pays homage to the great Eric Clapton. I sat down with Steve to find out his thought process behind the arrangement and his deep admiration for one of the greatest guitarists of our time, Eric Clapton.   […]

7 greatest guitar riffs of all time

Do you remember what drew you to the guitar? Maybe it was your favourite band from childhood, or a fleeting moment watching a busker performing on the street. Or perhaps it was a riff – short, powerful, memorable. There are countless guitar riffs out there, but only a small number have become well [...]

3 guitar tutorials to try this winter

It’s been a cold winter so far here in Sydney, Australia. To help keep you warm (and inspired), here are my picks for guitar tutorials to try out this winter. Hopefully my original renditions of these classic tunes will bring a bit of warmth to your day. Without further ado, here they are. 1. Here [...]