Steve Flack Interview: The Brewster Brothers (The Angels) Pt 1 of 2

From Carlos Santana to Pink Floyd – Was Clive Davis The “Angel” Of The Music Industry? […]

My Interview with INXS Tim Farriss – Plus “New Sensation” & “Never Tear Us Apart” Guitar Lessons.

and curiously Tim said when he walked inside… “I used to live here in this unit when I first got married”. Lights, Camera – Action! When I decided that I’d like to do a series of lessons on the guitar style of INXS for Australian Guitar Magazine, I immediately thought…it would be really something special if we could do an interview with Tim Farriss, the INXS guitarist & riffmeister, to accompany the lessons. […]

Celebrating Global Beatles Day!

It’s been a hard day’s night, and I’ve been working like a dog It’s been a hard day’s night, I should be sleeping like a log But when I get home to you I’ll find the things that you do Will make me feel alright   Happy Global Beatles Day!  Yep, for those of you who didn’t know June 25th is the annual day we celebrate everything that is good about The Beatles. It’s fitting that their hometown was Liverpool England, not quite 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon but close enough for The Liverpool Academy of Music. It was on this day in 1967 that the Beatles played “All You Need Is Love” on a TV program called “Our World”.   […]

Flashback! Jumpin’ Jack Flash Live at Tamworth with Steve Flack and Angry Anderson

Vid from The Vault! The Nice Boys – Steve Flack, Angry Anderson, Rick Fenn (10cc), Mick O’Shea.   […]

An Interview With Steve Flack on His Eric Clapton Medley

Steve’s latest compilation pays homage to the great Eric Clapton. I sat down with Steve to find out his thought process behind the arrangement and his deep admiration for one of the greatest guitarists of our time, Eric Clapton.   […]

Flack Attack! 4 Playlists on the new Steve Flack Guitar Academy YouTube channel you need to check out.

Steve Flack’s Guitar Heroes   Over the past decade Steve has been a feature contributor to Australian Guitar Magazine. Producing over 200 interviews and a tonne of jaw dropping tutorials you wish you knew about years ago. Here are some of the YouTube playlists that you can subscribe and binge. […]

Steve Flack’s Rare Interview with Australian Jazz Guitarist Carl Dewhurst

    In this informative interview with Carl Dewhurst, I’ve learned to understand that Steve Flack has a lifelong love and passion for the guitar and his investigations and interviews reveal secrets into some of the most influential guitarists and musicians Australia has produced. These are valuable insights into their education, work ethic and careers as professional musicians. As a student of the craft, it is essential to understand what it takes to reach this level of performance. […]