Slide Guitar Lesson and Analysis: The Cruel Sea “Delivery Man” – Final.

How Do You Create Something Unique And New? One sure fired way is to take influences from various existing, but different styles, then fuse and mix them together. If those influences haven’t been fused and mixed before – then you’ve created something… unique and new. […]

Slide Guitar Lesson Pt 4 – The Cruel Sea “Black Stick”

He said that there are two types of music, selfish music and generous music Quote Don Was (Interview) How The Slide Guitar Can Create A Memorable "Hook" When I was creating the slide guitar lessons for Australian Guitar Magazine I was keen to do a lesson on "Black Stick" by The Cruel Sea because there [...]

Guitar Tutorial – INXS – PT 4 “Heaven Sent” “Elegantly Wasted”

The Essentials For A Great Band - Long Hours and Hard Work! We all know the old adage "practice makes perfect", and it's true... that if you do a whole lot of any one thing, it's unavoidable, you get good.Steve Flack When I listen to "Heaven Sent" & "Elegantly Wasted" I hear a band that [...]

What Does It Take to Master An 8th Grade Trinity College Exam Piece?

Trinity 8th Grade “En Los Trigales” Anyone who has known homesickness while away from their home will know the range of emotions experienced as the traveler eventually comes home.This is what “En Los Trigales” is about. It’s a musical depiction of those emotions felt by the returning traveler. The home is Spain and there’s no mistaking that “En Los Trigales” is Spanish music. […]

Arrangement Giveaway Speak Softly Love (Godfather Theme)

Legendary Composer Nino Rota The Godfather trilogy of movies is thought of by many to be among the greatest movies of all times and the main theme “Speak Softly Love” is one of the most recognisable and best known tunes ever written as a soundtrack to a movie. […]

Classical Guitarist Spotlight: Mateo Carcassi Studies 2 & 7 …And The Holy Grail of Guitar Method.

Carcassi’s claim is that if you accomplish and can play his 25 Studies you’ve arrived as a guitar player. Mateo Carcassi was born in Florence Italy in 1792, he learnt to play both piano and guitar as a young boy growing to became an outstanding guitarist in his teens. […]

Classical Guitarist Spotlight – Gasper Sanz A Brief Look Inside The Life of Gasper Sanz Gaspar Sanz was born in Spain in 1640, he died in Madrid in 1710. He was one of the most interesting Baroque guitarists. He was an ordained priest as well as "professor of guitar" Sanz left us an important body of compositions for guitar. Canarios [...]

Heitor Villa Lobos Prelude 3 – Trinity College 7th Grade Examination

Heitor Villa Lobos Heitor Villa Lobos is South America's best known & most respected composer. He was born in Rio Di Janeiro Brazil 5 March 1887 and died there in 1959. He played cello, clarinet & guitar. Guitar players world wide are so appreciative of him because he wrote some of the instruments most [...]

The Suite Spot: A Look At The Trinity 8th Grade J.S Bach Bourée 4th Lute Suite [Video]

Bach to Suite Lute Basics   For every instrument, Johann Sebastian Bach is the high point of its repertoire, and the guitar is no different. Bach wrote 4 suites for the lute (a "guitar like" instrument) that transfers very well to the guitar. In fact, Bach actually never wrote for the guitar but guitar players [...]

The Reason Why Guitar Arrangements Are So Incredibly Important.

I'm continuously asked by my students, "why do I make the arrangements of pop songs"? Think of a book or a movie that you've really enjoyed and have been totally involved and engaged in. As you come to the end of the story you already begin to miss the people, the place and the time [...]