Flack Attack! 4 Playlists on the new Steve Flack Guitar Academy YouTube channel you need to check out.

Steve Flack’s Guitar Heroes

Over the past decade Steve has been a feature contributor to Australian Guitar Magazine. Producing over 200 interviews and a tonne of jaw dropping tutorials you wish you knew about years ago. Here are some of the YouTube playlists that you can subscribe and binge.

Master of Rock Series

The Master of Rock series is a style study master class. It takes a deep look into riffs and sequences that define these iconic greats. Steve breaks down each master of rock over a four-part series showcasing some of their greatest hits. You can find greats like Santana, KISS, The Rolling Stones, Mark Knopfler, Led Zeppelin and uploads weekly like the Australian rock series INXS, ACDC and more.

Slide Guitar Series

Derek Trucks Lesson YouTube

The blues slide guitar sends shivers down my spine every time and Steve’s style is unique and emotional. His slide series digs into the blues style and runs over some core fundamentals that will build your toolkit and push your skills to the next level. Some slide guitar great include Derek Trucks, Joe Walsh, Jeff Beck, Rose Tattoo and a series of “Getting Started” which builds the core scales and sequences essential for your slide arsenal.

Improvisation Series

“How do you improvise?” is a common question put forward to Steve, so he put together an improvisation series to break down some challenging pieces to build your repertoire and stack a bunch of solid sequences and techniques that you can pull out. Who doesn’t want to step up to the plate in the spur of the moment to steal the show…some musicians and songs explored are Miles Davis “All Blues”, Wes Montgomery, “the way you look tonight”


Unplugged, fingerstyle, acoustic, classic…

One of Steve’s most dedicated passions is the classic guitar, the haunting beauty and sheer skill is breathtaking. Arranging complex songs such as “My Girl” to create challenging and valuable guitar lessons that are comprehensive, yet easily accessible to the growing guitarist.

Subscribe and Like!

The content is huge and will continue to roll out with new productions set to begin post Covid. Subscribe and hit that bell to be notified of continuing lessons. Please leave a comment for requests of custom tabs and backing tracks are available for free to download.

Stay tuned and enjoy!

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