Ultimate Christmas gift guide for music lovers

[fusion_text]gift guideThe silly season is well and truly here. If you haven’t already, it’s time to kick-start your Christmas shopping.

We all have that one friend or family member that lives and breathes music. And if you’re not that into music yourself, it can be a little tricky deciding what, exactly, to buy them.

Don’t fret! We have you covered. Have a read through our ultimate Christmas gift guide for music lovers, which includes something for every budget, musical taste, and age group. Let’s jump right into it.

Gift guide for music lovers: under 18headphones

There’s no better time to support the budding musician in your life than Christmas.

Any music lover between the ages of 12 and 18 will seriously appreciate the sound quality and versatility of a Bluetooth speaker. Keep an eye out for waterproof models, too, which are perfect for summer days at the beach.

Another great option is a pair of high-quality headphones. From wireless earbuds to premium over-ear headphones, there’s an option for just about every budget.

Why not treat them to a year of unlimited music streaming? You can typically purchase subscriptions to the most popular music streaming apps as a gift, which they can then access from their phone or computer.

Finally, consider purchasing them online guitar lessons – especially if they already own a guitar but haven’t yet given it a proper go. For less than $50, you can give them several in-depth online video lessons that’ll equip them with the technique and insight they need to flourish.

Gift guide for music lovers: budget buysband shirt

Don’t have much of a budget? No worries. You can still please even the most discerning music snob at your holiday table.

If you know their favourite band or artist, pick up some licensed merch, such as a T-shirt or sticker pack. This shouldn’t set you back more than $30.

If they collect vinyl, head to your local record store, op shop, or second-hand market and hunt down a record or two. You can often pick up second-hand LPs for around $15 to $20.

Finally, a book about a music genre, era, or artist is a cheap yet impressive choice.

Gift guide for music lovers: rock and roll fiendslive music

Rock and roll isn’t dead – at least not in your family.

One out-of-the-box gift idea for the rock and roll fiend is a vintage concert poster. Depending on the age, quality, and rarity, authentic concert posters from the 60s-80s can set you back a pretty penny. But if you have the budget, go for it. Pop it in a frame for added impact.

If there’s one thing all music lovers have in common, it’s their passion for live music. Two concert tickets placed neatly inside of a Christmas card is an almost unbeatable gift.

Finally, if the rock and roller in your life plays the guitar, why not grab them an effects pedal. These fun-to-have accessories will keep them entertained for hours.

Gift guide for music lovers: guitaristsguitar stand

One of the best gifts you can purchase a guitarist is the opportunity to learn a new song. Here at the Steve Flack Guitar Academy, we have original arrangement lessons for several iconic songs available to buy. Or, if the guitarist in your life is more of a beginner, why not pre-purchase them a couple of private online guitar lessons?

Another great present for your uncle, niece, sister, or dad that just cannot get enough of their instrument is a guitar stand. For around $20, you can give them a safe, secure place to store their precious guitar.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Hopefully, that gave you a little Christmas shopping inspiration. Be sure to check out our online guitar lessons, original arrangements, and private lessons – all of which make truly thoughtful, meaningful gifts.

We wish you’re a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year![/fusion_text]

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