Is guitar the best instrument?

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Is guitar the best instrument?

Yes. The guitar is the best instrument because it’s versatile, relatively inexpensive, and it can be played alone or with others, plugged in or acoustically.

But don’t just take our word for it. It’s estimated that 0.7 per cent of the world’s population can play guitar. That might not sound like much, but it translates to a staggering 50 million people. 50 million people can’t be wrong, right?

Here are five reasons why the guitar is the best instrument.

1. The guitar is extremely versatile

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The humble guitar can produce a mind-blowing number of sounds – all of which can be used across various musical genres, from Baroque to blues, Romantic to rock, and everything in between.

Even on an acoustic guitar stripped of sound effects and pedals, the player can produce a stunning array of tonal qualities through their playing technique: fingerstyle picking, slide, open chords, power chords, and more.

Whether you want to be the next George Harrison or become an expert Elizabethan-style musician, you can achieve the sound you want on the guitar.

2. Guitars are relatively inexpensive

If you are a beginner looking to learn an instrument, the guitar is a great option. You won’t need to fork out much to pick up your first guitar. Brand-new, you’re looking at less than $200 for a very basic model. Opt for a second-hand instrument, and you could score yourself an even better bargain.

That being said, when you fall head-over-heels with the guitar and have money to spend, there is plenty to buy. A guitarist in a music shop is like a kid in a candy store – it’s easy to spend hours testing out top-shelf models, playing around with pedals, and experimenting with capos, slides, and other accessories.

3. Guitars are polyphonic instruments

Guitars, like pianos, are polyphonic instruments. This means you can play more than one note at a time.

In contrast, instruments like the saxophone or trumpet can only play one note at a time. That’s why in ensembles and jazz groups you’ll often see more than one saxophonist – when they all play different note simultaneously, they create a chord.

Polyphonic instruments offer up a whole host of playing techniques to get creative with.

4. Guitars are social instruments

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The guitar truly is the instrument of the people – it brings us together. Grab your guitar and strum a well-known tune, and you’ll have everyone singing along joyfully. Campfire songs and spontaneous concerts are all a part of the guitar’s appeal.

Beyond these unplanned sing-alongs, if you want to join a band or write your own songs, learning the guitar is a great idea. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a contemporary pop or rock band without at least one guitarist.

5. Guitar lessons are readily available online

Why is guitar the best instrument? Because it’s democratic. There are very few barriers to entry. Top-quality guitar lessons are available online, right here with the Steve Flack Guitar Academy.

Our online lessons teach you from the ground up using the renowned Trinity College London system. You’ll build a solid foundation of technical and theoretical knowledge, so you can progress quickly and reach your musical goals.[/fusion_text][fusion_text]

Learn the best instrument in the world

There is nothing quite like the guitar. Kick-start your musical journey and join the worldwide community of guitar-lovers today. Learn this incredible instrument properly – find out more about our online guitar lessons today.[/fusion_text][/one_full]

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