Should you learn guitar on electric or acoustic?

learn guitar on electric or acoustic

Thinking of purchasing your first guitar? You may be faced with the following question: should I learn guitar on electric or acoustic?

There are two popular myths regarding whether beginners should start on electric or acoustic:

  1. Start with an acoustic guitar, because it’s trickier and will help you improve your playing technique at a faster rate.
  2. Start with an electric guitar, because it’s easier and will give you the experience and confidence needed to develop into a well-rounded musician.

As we said, these are myths.

In this article, we’ll go through the top considerations you should make before you decide between acoustic and electric. Let’s get started.

Are you drawn to acoustic or electric?

We play guitar because we love it – it’s a passion.

Consider, first and foremost, the type of music you want to play. Who are your favourite musicians? What kind of guitar do they use? Are you hoping to end up in a rock’n’roll band or classical ensemble?

Answering these questions should guide you toward either electric or acoustic.

What is your budget?

The next vital factor to consider is your budget. Whichever way you go, a top-quality guitar is not cheap. That being said, there are plenty of mid-range guitars suitable for beginners on the market.

Generally speaking, an electric guitar is a little more expensive. Plus, you’ll need to purchase an amp, leads, and other accessories. If you do have your heart set on an electric guitar, it’s worth researching kits for beginners, which contain everything you need to get started.

The easiest guitar to learn is the one you’re interested in

Now, let’s tackle one of the most common myths surrounding this question: acoustic guitars are harder to play.

Yes, there is some truth to that statement. Acoustic guitars are a little thicker and broader and use heavier gauge strings. Swiping your hand up and down the fretboard may be a bit more challenging.

But here’s another perspective: the easiest guitar to learn is the one you’re interested in.

If you love classic rock, you’ll have more fun playing loud on your electric guitar. If you’re more classically inclined, you’ll find joy navigating complex compositions on an acoustic.

Put simply, if you enjoy it, you’ll find time to do it. And the more you do it, the better you’ll become.

Remember, you’re not locked in

Just because you learn on an acoustic, doesn’t mean you can never play an electric guitar. You’re not locked in, forever chained to one style of instrument. If you become a fantastic electric guitarist, chances are you’ll be an equally skilled acoustic guitarist.

What’s more, you can play almost any kind of music on both instruments. The possibilities are limitless.

Ready to play?

Once you’ve got your instrument, you’ll need something to play. Why not browse my collection of original guitar renditions of iconic songs? From Cyndi Lauper to The Beatles, there’s something for everyone.

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