Led Zeppelin II (album) Unplugged Medley.

I’d like to share my tribute to Led Zeppelin’s 2nd album with you that I’ve called “Led Zeppelin 2 Unplugged”.

It’s hard for us today to fully appreciate just how impactful that album was at the time but there really hadn’t been anything quite like it before.

After the success of the first album Led Zeppelin had to come up with something really special to match it and they did.

With songs like “Whole Lotta Love”, “What Is and What Should Never Be” & “The Lemon Song” the band was established as a great songwriting team and creative force.

Then with “Heartbreaker” Jimmy Page achieved “legend” status as a guitar hero influencing generations of guitar players to come including giants like Eddie Van Halen.

The bands drummer, John Bonham put in a powerhouse drum solo on “Moby Dick” which is considered by many to be the greatest Rock drum solo ever.

The 2021 music documentary “Count Me In” is a tribute to many of the worlds great drummers from many the great bands of today.

It is interesting to note that all of these great drummers, in the course of of the movie, cite John Bonham as their influence and inspiration.

After watching “Count Me In” it’s clear the high regard that the best drummers have for Bonham.

Every member of Led Zeppelin was a superstar on their instrument so we can see the standard they set for bands that followed.

Atlantic Records

Led Zeppelin was signed to Atlantic Records which is an interesting story in itself.

Atlantic was founded in 1948 by Ahmet Ertigan and his dentist Herb Abramson.

Ahmet’s father, Munir, was Turkish ambassador to America from 1932 to 1942 when he died.

Atlantic Records

He’d previously been ambassador to England and France so after his death Ahmet’s mother and sisters decided to go back to Turkey while he and his brother Nesuhi decided to stay in America.

Ahmet and Nesuhi were passionate about American music culture so they began collecting old records building up a very impressive collection of Jazz and Blues recordings reaching back to the earliest days of recorded American music.

So it seemed logical that they should want to create their own record label.

They started with black artists like Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin but when the “British Invasion” happened with bands like “The Beatles”, “The Rolling Stones” & “The Who” Atlantic began looking to sign English bands.

Sensing an opportunity the Australian impresario “Robert Stigwood” was quick to present some of his acts to Atlantic.

Groups like “Cream” which featured Eric Clapton on guitar and also a young band of brothers from Australia called the “Bee Gees” that Stigwood had remembered from home.

The Biography of Robert Stigwood

There’s a really good biography called “Mr Showbiz: The Biography Of Robert Stigwood” by Stephen Collins-Dando that I recommend.

At one point Robert Stigwood, from Adelaide, was the most successful music promoter in the world with Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musicals from “Jesus Christ Superstar” through to “Evita”, movies like “Grease” & “Saturday Night Fever” in his stable and that’s apart from his Rock acts, he was doing better than “OK”!

Stigwood paved the way for Peter Grant, Led Zeppelin’s manager, to approach Atlantic with Led Zeppelin’s first album which had been fully funded and completed by Jimmy Page.

Page had saved his money wisely from his session work then invested it in “Led Zeppelin 1”.

The Ertigan’s could see that it was an offer too good to refuse so a great partnership was formed.

Led Zeppelin 2 was a different proposition.

Atlantic were prepared to fund and invest in Page’s next project but Led Zeppelin were constantly touring so they’d steal and find time on their days off to go into the studio to record what became one of “Classic Rock’s” great albums, Led Zeppelin 2.

Jimmy Page’s work ethic was phenomenal, he worked harder than most anyone else. Maybe that’s the secret to success…


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