Student Spotlight: Classical Guitar Trinity 8th Grade – Jordan

This Is How One Student Has Gone from Zero To Hero with the Trinity College Method.

I would like to introduce the Liverpool Academy of Music – Student Spotlight.

During Covid- we have had a surge in online lessons, with Skype and Zoom leading the way. We were pleased to see that international students have taken a keen interest in the Trinity College Syllabus and the online transition has been nothing short of successful.

More and more students have been recording their performance pieces and sending them into myself and other music teachers, so we though we would showcase these impressive performances in a Student Spotlight series.

We thought that the Student Spotlight would be an excellent way for parents and students to see what is achievable with the Trinity College pathway with a little commitment and homework.

Jordan has been a long time student of mine and I’m always inspired as a teacher with his passion and love of the guitar. In this video performance of Prelude No.5 he has tackled a complex 8th grade examination piece by Heitor Villa-Lobos achieving a high level of skill.

My name is Jordan. I am 17, and in my first year of a Software Engineering degree at UTS.

I have been learning guitar with Steve since I was five years old when I could only hold a half-sized guitar sitting cross-legged. I am now finishing grade 8 classical guitar as a part of the Trinity College London’s Guitar Examination program.

The piece I am playing is Prelude No. 5 by Heitor Villa Lobos.

I enjoyed learning this piece because although each of the three sections sounds completely different, they follow perfect music theory and compliment each other very well.

The allowance for personalization gave way to make it my own with small accents and techniques to bring out the sound.

Being taught by Steve for the last 12 years, I have learnt much more than just guitar. Music lessons have helped with brain, motor, and focus development, all of which can be translated to other everyday activities.

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