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Beginner Lessons

I want to help you kick-start your guitar journey. Why? Because I am a huge believer in the power of music, and the importance of learning guitar properly. No short-cuts and no quick-fixes. Learn with me, and you’ll become a true master of the world’s greatest instrument: the Guitar.

For more than 30+ years, I have worked with aspiring guitarists to help them realise their full potential.

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Initial Grade lessons

You get instant access to 10 lessons, which show you how to play the 10 prescribed music pieces On your guitar for the Initial Grade of the Trinity College of London Music Exams. Each lesson includes three videos showing you Performance, Preparation for Learning, and Putting it Together, and the tablature which you can download.

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First Grade lessons

These arrangements follow the specialist requirements of the Trinity College London music education system.

Trinity College London is – without a doubt – one of the most effective, highest regarded musical institutions in the world. The college helps budding musicians build a solid foundation of musical theory and playing technique. Those that work through the Trinity College method become talented, creative, and well-rounded musicians.

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Second Grade lessons

I am thrilled to bring you a comprehensive collection of Second Grade arrangement video lessons – I had a blast putting these together. Remember, all of my in-depth online guitar lessons follow the specialist requirements of the Trinity College London music education system.

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Third Grade lessons

Playing the guitar isn’t always smooth sailing. But you can improve your chances of success by equipping yourself with the resources you need to master playing technique and reach your full potential.
The Third Grade of the world-renowned Trinity College London music education system.

Welcome to our Guitar Academy

I’m thrilled you’ve decided to learn how to play my arrangements and step up your music repertoire.

Whether you’re just starting out, or have been playing for a while, nothing beats the thrill of mastering a new piece.

These arrangements give you what is known as a “guitar reduction” of the full musical sound – ie: melody, chords, bass etc.  You can play the complete song on the one instrument.

Click on any of the links to the arrangements you’ve purchased to access the full lesson, and don’t forget to download tablature.

I’ll regularly be adding new arrangements of popular and classic hits, and will keep you informed when they are available.

So get into the zone and start practicing.  You’ll get better and better with each time you play.

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