My Interview with INXS Tim Farriss – Plus “New Sensation” & “Never Tear Us Apart” Guitar Lessons.

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and curiously Tim said when he walked inside… “I used to live here in this unit when I first got married”.

Lights, Camera – Action!

When I decided that I’d like to do a series of lessons on the guitar style of INXS for Australian Guitar Magazine, I immediately thought…it would be really something special if we could do an interview with Tim Farriss, the INXS guitarist & riffmeister, to accompany the lessons.

I spoke with Tim a couple of times on the phone before we locked in a date and time. We didn’t have a venue but Tim wanted to do the interview at Manly.

Fortunately a friend allowed us to film the interview in his unit overlooking Manly Beach and curiously Tim said when he walked inside “I used to live here in this unit when I first got married”.

How’s that for synchronicity!

INXS…was about “fun” and they laughed a lot together.

We’d set up the camera early so that everything was ready to go when Tim arrived and as he bounded up the stairs with his outstretched hand to shake mine (with a great big welcoming smile) he said “Steve, I finally get to meet you”

Huh? Tim’s one of the most famous guitarists in the world and I’m just Steve!

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His energy and disposition just puts you at ease and at home instantly, it became obvious that this interview was going to be – “something really special”.

I mentioned the TV mini- series on INXS, that the band seemed to be a lot of fun. Tim explained that when they initially gave him the script to read he said “no, there’s not enough fun in it. Do it again”.

He went on to say that INXS…was about “fun” and they laughed a lot together. I think that’s maybe why they had the success they had, that’s infectious and people want to experience that level of enjoyment.

I recommend that you watch the interview as you as you go through the lessons. The interview was meant to accompany the lessons so I believe you’ll get the most out of the lessons if you’ve seen the interview.

The first 2 songs we’ll look at are “New Sensation” & “Never Tear Us Apart”

both were huge hits and the songs are a hit because a lot of people like it… so let’s try and figure out what goes to making a song that people love to listen to.

In the case of these songs it’s the guitar riffs have a lot to do with their appeal and likeablity.

Comparing them, it’s interesting to note that the funky element in “New Sensation” and the more Rock style of riff in “Never Tear Us Apart”.

Once you’ve learnt these riffs you must try playing them with the backing tracks that we made for the lesson to get the most out of your practice and workout.

Good luck & have fun with them.

INXS did.

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