Online adult guitar lessons: Is it ever too late to learn?


You can’t teach old dogs new tricks. You’ve probably heard the saying before. But, does it ring true when it comes to learning the guitar? Can online adult guitar lessons transform a total beginner into a competent, confident musician?

A variety of scientific studies have found that mature first-timers can, in fact, successfully learn a new instrument – including the guitar.

‘The brain maintains its ability to change,’ says Norman Weinberger, a neuroscientist at the University of California. ‘Is it as easy to learn something when you’re 65 as it is at 5? No. But can it be done? Yes.’

Five benefits of online adult guitar lessons

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Not only is it possible for an adult to learn the guitar from scratch, but the process is also incredibly beneficial, too. Let’s have a look at five compelling benefits of taking up the guitar as an adult.

1. Exercise your analytical brain

Years and years of school, work, and everyday life have helped you develop a whole host of analytical skills. When playing an instrument, you can put these to the test. With an analytical brain at their disposal, adults are usually better at grasping musical theory and recognising patterns in compositions.

2. Showcase your self-control

Generally, adults have greater self-control than children. They recognise the importance of dedication and discipline, so are more likely to practice on a regular basis. And regular practice will pay dividends when learning the guitar.

3. Keep brain cells alive

In an aging brain, online adult guitar lessons can help keep brain cells alive that may otherwise die.

4. Explore your passion

No one can force you to learn the guitar. Instead, you are choosing to explore a passion and learn a new skill. You are taking this exciting step out of genuine interest and desire, and this will result in a rich, fulfilling musical experience.

5. Take time out for yourself

Adults are busy! Learning the guitar – especially at your own pace through online music lessons – can give you a much-needed opportunity to take time out for yourself. No emails. No household responsibilities. Just you and your guitar. Pure bliss.

Keep an eye out for these setbacks

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If you do decide to start playing the guitar, I suggest keeping an eye out for a few potential setbacks. You might find yourself thinking the following:

  • I’ve been playing for one month and still sound like a beginner – I give up. Children don’t have the same expectations as adults, and it can be confronting trying something that, at first, you’re no ‘good’ at. Learning the guitar takes time. Stick with it, and you will eventually reach your goals.
  • This is much harder than I expected – I’m over it. Feeling frustrated? Remember that learning the guitar really is more difficult for adults than children. Kids grow new brain cells all the time – adults don’t and have to work with what they’ve already got.
  • This is too time-consuming. If you are trying to fit learning the guitar into your already full schedule, online adult guitar lessons are the best option. You can learn at your own pace at a time that suits you. It’s all about finding what works for you.

Explore online adult guitar lessons today

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