Original Guitar Arrangement Crowded House “Don’t Dream It’s Over”

I’d like to share my arrangement of the Crowded House monster hit “Don’t Dream It’s Over” with you.

It’s a great song and I really enjoyed putting my arrangement together.

Crowded House really grew out of New Zealand’s most highly regarded art rock band “Split Enz”.

The story is so interesting that Radio New Zealand made a 10 part documentary series about Split Enz.

Split Enz

Each episode running one hour in length. I highly recommend it, there are interviews narrating the history of Split Enz with all of the members contributing.

There are, of course, plenty of examples that demonstrate why they were so popular, with grabs from their songs and of course the music was the whole point.

Mal Green

When I was listening to the Split Enz documentary series on the radio, at the same time I was recording my “Guitar Heroes” vol 1 with Mal Green producing and Mal was the drummer with Split Enz for most of their time, so I was able to discuss what I’d heard with one of the bands members which was great.

It really gave me a front row seat and ticket to the Split Enz story.

Jimmy page of Led Zeppelin was once asked in an interview how he maintained the energy level and intensity needed to drive Led Zeppelin with their enormous touring and recording workload.

His answer was really interesting he said.“You just had energy because it was just so exhilarating and exciting playing in a band like Led Zeppelin”.

Talking to Mal I got the impression that Split Enz would have also been an exciting band to have played with but after 12 years Tim Finn decided he wanted to leave the band that he’d formed which left his younger brother Neil to carry on.

Hunters and Collectors

Neil really had become the main songwriter and without Tim, Split Enz really was Neil Finn.

Neil wanted to start a fresh with the drummer Paul Hester so he disbanded Split Enz and engaged Nick Seymour on bass.

Nick Seymour is the younger brother of Mark Seymour the front man from Hunters and Collectors.

Hunters and Collectors

With songs like “When The River Runs Dry”, “Throw Your Arms Around Me” and “The Holy Grail” (which the AFL used as their anthem and most appropriately) Hunters and collectors were a major force in Australian popular music.

So Nick Seymour came from a very good gene pool and his contribution to Crowded House was substantial.

In fact he was one of the three parts that created the bands sound and sometimes we forget and underestimate the bass players role but a good bass player brings life to a bands performance.

I remember when Bob Daisley agreed to play on my “Guitar Heroes” Vol 2.

Bob Daisley

I was in awe watching a master craftsman at work and if you listen to my recording of “Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad” and “Song Of The Wind” you’ll hear Bob Daisley in full flight and I’m really proud to have played with him!

Crowded house had made four albums with a swag of his singles behind them by 1996.

But after 10 years their drummer Paul Hester decided to leave the band (which in turn gave Neil the idea that he’d like to call it a day also) and spend time with his young family.

Their “Farewell To The World” concert held on the steps of the Sydney Opera House was to a crowd estimated to be somewhere between 100,000 and 250,000 people.

It had to be the event of the year and the video of the concert sold very well also.

Crowded House Deluxe

Crowded House

Even though Neil Finn was a great songwriting collaborator, particularly with his brother Tim who did join Crowded House for their third album “Woodface” here the brothers came up with songs like “Four Seasons In One Day”, “Weather With You” and “It’s Only Natural”.

Neil was also able to knock up great songs without anybody else’s input.

With songs like “Sister Madly”, “Better Be Home Soon”, “Fall At Your Feet” and “Don’t Dream It’s Over” this is a shortlist that alone would have Neil Finn to be considered one of pop and rock’s great songwriters.

And that’s only some of his compositions.

So I felt that I needed to take my time putting the arrangement together and do it Justice and here it is.

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