Original Guitar Arrangement – “She’s Gone” (Hall & Oats)

Here’s my arrangement of the Hall & Oates classic song “She’s Gone” which I always thought would make a great solo guitar piece.

I’ve been working away at it for a few years now and I’ve finally come up with something that I’m happy with which I’d like to share with you.

Hall & Oates are the most successful duos in Rock & Pop history and for a very good reason.

They had great songs and there’s a great story behind them too.

Recently in an interview Steve Lukather, the guitarist from Toto, said “there’s no lack of great players but there is a lack of great songs”.

Not with Hall & Oates there isn’t.

Daryl Hall

Daryl Hall was born and raised in Philadelphia.

He was of German ancestry in fact the family name was originally spelt “Hohl” but was Anglicized to Hall.

Both of his parents were heavily involved in their church’s music making, his father sang in a Gospel vocal group and his mother was actually a vocal coach and also played in bands.

Daryl Hall

Young Daryl began piano lessons at the age of 5 hence with music being so important in the family home he was on course for success from the beginning and growing up in a music crazy town like Philadelphia there were plenty of opportunities for a talented young musician like Daryl to grab.

There is a Chicago sound with its Blues and there is a Detroit sound due to Motown and there’s a definite Philadelphia sound.

Berry Gordy created Motown.

He developed careers for acts like Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson and The Temptations (who Daryl Hall knew personally and looked up to them).

But in Philadelphia it was Gamble and Huff who created a whole genre called “The Philadelphia Soul Sound”.

Gamble & Huff

Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff became aware of Daryl Hall while he was still in his teens.

Gamble & Huff

Gamble and Huff saw Daryl’s ability and began hiring him for recording sessions doing backing vocals and laying down piano parts.

Hall was set on a course for a successful career as a session musician but he always had a bigger ambition.

Daryl Hall and John Oates met at college and began a songwriting and music team that would grow to become one of the world’s most significant acts.

John Oates’ mother’s family was Italian but his father’s side was from Gibraltar which meant he was part Spanish, part North African and part English.

Their upbringings were quite different but they had the same love and passion for music and that passion would eventually put their songs at the top of the charts worldwide with songs like “She’s Gone”, “Rich Girl”, “Private Eyes”, “I Can’t Go For That” etc.

John Oats

John Oates’ family moved from New York to Pennsylvania when he was 4 and from that early age he was constantly singing.

He began taking guitar lessons at the age of 6 and by the time he was 14 he was joining and playing in local bands.

John Oats

So when Hall & Oates met while at college just barely out of their teens they were actually both seasoned professional musicians.

They recorded their first album through Gamble & Huff who immediately recognised their songwriting potential and wanted to engage the boys as staff songwriters for their record label “Philadelphia International Records”.

Hall & Oates were ambitious to develop their own band so while Gamble & Huff’s offer was very attractive John & Daryl decided to turn them down and relocate to New York and give it their best shot…and the rest is history.

Gamble & Huff went on to be a very successful songwriting and production team developing acts like “The O’Jays”, “Teddy Pendergrass” & “Patti LaBelle”.

They produced over 3,000 songs through their various acts which makes Gamble & Huff one of the most prolific production teams in recorded music history.

As I was putting my arrangement together I decided to create a spot so I could improvise a solo, so I’ll never do “She’s Gone” the same way twice.

Id love to hear from you! so let me know what you think 🙂

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