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“I believe every guitar player

inherently has something unique about their playing.

They just have to identify what makes them different and develop it.” – Jimmy Page

Everything we want to learn quickly, we ‘tube’ it and there is nothing easier than thousands of mouth-watering guitar tutorials online sprinkled with sweet promises like “how to master Stairway to Heaven in 10 min”.

Truth be told, this is not how you learn a complex instrument – like the guitar.

A recent study in the Australian Journal of Music Education found

…that first year guitar students in preparation for tertiary studies in NSW were

“poor”, “behind the eight ball”, “lacking” and “below average”.

That the student’s skill base “had little to no evidence of reading and fundamental theory” (harmony, intervals, chord types, key signatures, and weak musicianship.

Further, current teachers fail to implement a structured practice regime.

Tertiary studies in NSW were “poor”, “behind the eight ball”, “lacking” and “below average”.

Stop Cheating Yourself with ‘Takeaway Tabs’!  – Learn The Right Way.

Tablature or “Tabs” are a method illustrating where the fingers are to be placed on the neck of the instrument but contains no musical information such as rhythm, key or time signatures.

The research study found that the highly popular tab method to teach guitar quickly is being frequently used by studio or self-taught musicians in online social media highways.

YouTube lessons are also designed to be “fun” rather than the essential development of a solid grounding in musicality and technique.

The studio teachers are typically seen to pursue their own commercial agendas with the aim to attract and keep students.

These quick methods are used to learn popular songs and gain vanity metrics or “views” but this is at the expense of important technical skills such as key, pitch, rhythm and the structure of the song, also known as “rote” learning.

Self-directed methods for the recreational musician may be fine for quick and fast results but for formal music education students, or the aspiring guitarist that wishes to move beyond the surface level, learning by tabs or ‘by the ear’ poses an ongoing problem.

The research points to a lack of consistent foundational skills which are a prerequisite for higher music studies, or the professional world.

The Trinity College London Method: 30 years strong and Steve Flack Continues to Produce Outstanding Results 

The Trinity College London is an international and globally recognised Performing Arts examination board.

In Australia, Trinity’s awards and grades recognition are highly respected by most tertiary institutions. Universities may provide additional points for entry with a successfully completed Trinity Diploma.

Trinity College London

One of Australia’s most valued respected guitar teacher Steve Flack will have you playing like he does – correctly!

The Trinity curriculum has been used to teach guitar students by Steve Flack for over 30 years.

Steve Flack is an inspiring, passionate and dedicated music educator. He has played with some of the world’s best sessional and celebrity guitarists and respected by some of Australia’s most recognised musicians. As a seasoned industry professional and founder of Guitar Heroes he is a highly qualified educator in music.



Qualifications and a lifetime of Guitar Experience and Knowledge

Steve’s prestige qualifications include a A.Mus.A with the Australian Music Examination Board (A.M.E.B), and a L.T.C.L (Licentiate Trinity College London) for classical guitar. He can be seen teaching over 60 students a week, at the academy or now remotely via ZOOM nationally and globally, all with over an outstanding 90% exam pass grade rate.

“From the moment my children and I walked through the doors of Liverpool Academy of Music to meet Steve Flack, our musical lives changed for the better. Never before have we experienced such enthusiasm, friendliness and consistency from such a talented human being. Learning how to play guitar, read notes and play so many different pieces of music in such a short time can only be done at Liverpool Academy of Music. We wouldn’t have it any other way. With all our thank yous” Diane, Jessica and Mark Sanderson


The Trinity College London Syllabus is exclusively designed to turn beginners into professional musicians.

Trinity provides a syllabus that is designed, regulated, and updated by industry professionals and academic staff. Specific Curated syllabus is the framework for student progression and sets them up for success through specific learning outcomes. The Trinity syllabus addresses all areas of music performance development from the technical, creativity, improvisation, theory and overall enjoyment of learning an instrument.

What Credentials You Need to Know About The Trinity College London

  • It was the first board to examine students in Australia and continues to lead the way in student development and progression in all areas of competence.
  • Qualifications are assessed to the same standards across over 60 countries by expert operational and academic staff.
  • The regulation board vigorously monitors, reviews and ensures impeccable regulation standards and this is why Trinity sets the bar in only the highest standard in quality.
  • Trinity College London is duly qualified and has been elected and admitted by the Executive Committee to the Australian Music Association and is hereby declared a member, entitled to the rights and privileges contained in the Article of Association and By-laws.

The Unique Flexibility of Assessments and Exams To Showcase Your Strengths.

Assessments and Exams are designed to nurture learners of all competencies through syllabuses curated by expert examines and leading academics. The flexibility of the exams is unique to Trinity. It allows learners to curate their own arrangements, scales and assessments to their own individual strengths, skillset, and knowledge base.

This sets Trinity apart from the rest of the field

because it nurtures creativity to flow naturally, building confidence to perform to their unique talents in exam environments.

  What is Examined?

  • Performance
  • Technical ability
  • Improvisation
  • Sight reading
  • Musical knowledge

Trinity London Exams

  • Mark out of 100 pass rate is 60
  • Initial grade to grade 8
  • You may perform 3 pieces, pending on instrument or performance.


  • Personal goals and objectives
  • Diplomas in performing and teaching from awarding organisations
  • Music courses at conservatoires and universities (grade 8 entry requirement)
  • Employment opportunities in music and the creative arts

Begin Your Guitar Lessons Now – Learn The Right Way!

SUBSCRIBE OR Call The Liverpool Academy of Music directly for more information on face to face, ZOOM or Skype lessons.

Beginners Coursework

  • An Introduction
  • Posture
  • Lesson 1 – Understanding the first three notes and practical string workout programs.
  • Lesson 2 – Putting The first Three Strings Together Rhythmic Workout Program.
  • Lesson 3 – Notes On The 4th, 5th and 6th Strings.
  • Lesson 4 – A Study In Polyphony: The C Major & G Major Scales.
  • Lesson 5 – 8 Note Study: The D Major and A Major Scales
  • Lesson 6 – 16 Note Study – The E Major Scale
  • Lesson 7 – Songs 3 and 4: The C Major Scale Over 2 Octaves
  • Lesson 8 – A Minor Scales: Study in A Minor


When you need to learn technical skills, as the guitar requires, consistent feedback is key, even when you think you can get away with Takeaway Tabs – you won’t and one day you will get caught out and let’s hope for your sake it’s not live on stage!

Experience The Liverpool Academy of Music and you will learn with regulated, accredited and proven learning systems like the Trinity College and AMEB.

Teachers are inspirational and highly qualified music educators, like Steve, that builds your confidence and skills one note at a time.

Students of all levels and aspirations can be confident that they are set up for success and taught correctly, that their creative development and expression can flow freely in performance or any other of their life endeavours.


Robinson, J. (n.d.). Inspiring Music Teachers: A study of what is important in practice. Australian Journal of Music Education.

Russell, D., & Evans, P. (n.d.). Guitar pedagogy and preparation for tertiary training in NSW: An exploratory mixed methods study . Australian Journal of Music Education.

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