Steve Flack Original Arrangement – Green Dolphin Street (updated)

Looking Towards Classic Jazz For Improv Techniques.

I’ve always loved to listen to jazz and I love to play jazz but with my busy schedule I’ve had very few opportunities to play jazz live.

With my Classical Guitar practice, running the Music Academy, my own teaching, the “Guitar Heroes” project (which was my exploration of Classic Rock) and doing the lessons and interviews for Australian Guitar Magazine, I’ve always been busy, but I would still find time each day to improvise in a jazz context.

Unpacking The Green Dolphin St Arrangement For Improvisation.

In my arrangement of Green Dolphin St there is an improvised solo in the middle where I use the chord progression of the tune as a stimulus for the improvisation.

I then play the melody again to round things out.

In the arrangement I incorporate the melody, chord progression and a bass part where I imitate the walking bass lines of jazz bass players.

But above all it’s a vehicle for improvisation.

The song itself, Green Dolphin St, is a pop song that had been used in a hit Hollywood movie.

The song became a standard and many of the greats of jazz players like Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Sonny Rollins (check out my latest blog Samba Pa Ti) have played and recorded it. I always loved Joe Pass playing it on solo guitar so it’s definitely a favourite of mine.

I hope you enjoy and look forward to hearing any comments!


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