Arrangement Giveaway Speak Softly Love (Godfather Theme)

Legendary Composer Nino Rota

The Godfather trilogy of movies is thought of by many to be among the greatest movies of all times and the main theme “Speak Softly Love” is one of the most recognisable and best known tunes ever written as a soundtrack to a movie.

Nino rota

Is it possible that anyone isn’t familiar with this tune?

Based on the book by Mario Puzo, the director, Francis Ford Coppola engaged the Italian composer Nino Rota to write the soundtrack to give the movie an “Italian feel” and he achieved this in bucket loads.

Rota composed an incredible amount of film music averaging an amazing 10 movies a year. Working with the biggest names in Italian cinema such as Fellini, Visconti &

Zeffirelli, with a career that spanned 50 years he topped it off by earning an Academy award for his “Godfather” score.

Rota was a prolific composer and very in demand so the saying comes to mind “if you want a job well done, ask a busy man” Coppola certainly showed that he understood this as a concept by engaging Nino Rota.

Free Giveaway Of My Original Godfather Arrangement

I’ve tried with my arrangement of the “Godfather Theme” to keep things simple enough to play yet still have the impact and emotion that the melody gives us in the movie.

Music is always an important part of any movie’s experience and learning to play this theme helps us to relive that experience.

I would like to give this original arrangement away for those who would like to learn it.

Please email me below and I will forward the sheet music.


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