Student Spotlight – Ryan Georgis Nails 98% in Exam!

I’d like to introduce you to Ryan, a great kid (but then, all of my students are great) and a very fine musician and guitar player.

Ryan has achieved something really outstanding and I’d like to share his outstanding achievement with you.

What Does The Trinity College Guitar Exam Standard Look Like to Achieve 98%?

Recently Ryan was awarded 98% for his 4th grade Trinity College London guitar exam. That means he only dropped 2 marks, a remarkable attainment, so I asked Ryan if he wouldn’t mind letting you see how he did it. He agreed so here’s the video of his actual exam.

Let me explain…Trinity College London in normal times send their examiners, in person, all around the world to conduct the exams and The Liverpool Academy of Music is a centre for Trinity so it’s quite an event when the examiners come from England to our Academy.

And every year I prepare over 50 students for their guitar exams so it’s a hectic few weeks while the exams are on!

With the virus, however, these are not normal times so the exams are now filmed and adjudicated online.

So this is Ryan’s actual exam video.

Here’s How You Can You Achieve This Result…

I really think that seeing a successful exam program, as we see here with Ryan, helps us learn what the standard is and that’s invaluable which is why I asked Ryan if we could share his video.

In summing up Ryan’s result I would say that when some talent meets a good work ethic we can expect an equally good result – It’s unavoidable.

When Ryan comes to his lesson he has a respectful attitude. He looks keen, ready to work and listens carefully.

For me, doing the exams is a great way to learn to play music. It’s a graded step by step process that will help you achieve your full musical potential and become the musician that you want to be.

Well done Ryan!


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