Studio Album: Guitar Heroes III – Steve’s Hendrix Arrangement: Voodoo Chile.

What We Can Learn From the Giants of Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis And Coltrane.

I really admired Miles Davis.

I had a big collection of his recordings and of course I equally revered John Coltrane the great sax player who was Miles Davis’s featured soloist – I followed Coltrane’s solo career as keenly.

In fact, as a guitar player, I was jealous that the guitar didn’t seem to have an outstanding figure and virtuoso as the saxophone did with John Coltrane, who was a giant in so many ways.

John Coltrane

In a documentary about Eric Clapton, however, Ahmet Ertegun who was the president of Atlantic Records and one of the music industry’s most influential “big hitters” spoke about E. C.

He said “the first time I heard Eric Clapton I got the same feeling that I got the first time I heard John Coltrane”.

Sometimes we don’t see the wood for the trees. Of course Eric Clapton was the adventurous and creative musician that Coltrane was. Different genre and instrument but the same creative energy.

The electric guitar at that time was new. There were developments in amps, pedals and recording techniques, a whole new sound… world… was being invented and explored; so with exponents like Jimmie Page, Jeff Beck and Jimi Hendrix boundaries were definitely being pushed.

In reflection, looking for a giant of stature that is John Coltrane, we need look no further than – Jimi Hendrix.

Over the years I’ve listened extensively to Hendrix’s recordings, read several biographies, watched a lot of documentaries and concert footage, I’ve learnt to play a lot of his songs.

With all this, I’ve put a course together on “how to play Hendrix” and I’ve really enjoyed sharing/teaching Hendrix from what I’ve learnt myself.

Here we have two items for you to check out.

Firstly my arrangement and improvisations on “Have You Ever Been To Electric Ladyland” the title track from Hendrix’s third and final album.

I’m playing it on my nylon string guitar hence the “Hendrix Unplugged”.

But today I want to share my version of “Voodoo Chile” alongside the video clip, which was also from the album “Electric Ladyland”.

Flack’s Guitar Heroes 3 Studio Album

In my version however I play slide guitar, rhythm parts plus vocals.

The other guitar solos were done by James Mueller.

James is a world class guitarist! and he plays astonishingly well as you’ll hear.

We tag out on the Hendrix instrumental “3rd Stone From The Sun”.

It was such a memorable experience recording the tunes and it’s something I’m very proud of.

It certainly shows us that Hendrix can be played in so so many ways and is open to unlimited interpretation…

Enjoy and pick up this great album at JB HI-FI


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