The Colin Burgess Memorial Concert – Canterbury Leagues Club 28th March 2024

I was asked to play at Colin Burgess’ memorial concert earlier this year on the 28th of March.

The whole show was recorded and hosted at Canterbury Leagues Club so I’d like to share my set that I did on the night with you here.

I put my show “Steve Flack’s Guitar Heroes” together in 2006 mostly as an excuse to play and record with the best guitarists in Australia and explore the classic rock genre.

Over the next 10 years it succeeded in giving me the opportunity to do exactly that and I’m still in awe when I think about the great guitar players that I got to play with.

I also began filming interviews with each of those great guitarists that participated with the “Guitar Heroes” which we would publish in “Australian Guitar Magazine” on the DVD on the front cover of the magazine.

I’m revisiting some of those interviews from time to time by sharing them with you here on the blog.

Of course I also got to play with some great drummers and the longest serving drummer for the guitar heroes was Colin Burgess who had played with Masters Apprentices, who at one time had been the most popular band in Australia with songs like “It’s Because I Love You” and “Turn Up Your Radio”.

If this wasn’t enough, Colin was also a founding member of AC/DC!

Sadly Colin passed away over Christmas so his brother Deny, who also had played in “Masters Apprentices”, decided to put on a memorial concert to celebrate Colin’s life and achievements.

Colin Burgess & ACDC

Since Colin was an established member of my “Guitar Heroes” show I was asked to play at the concert – which was a huge honour for me.

I wanted to do a tribute to Colin’s time with AC/DC so we did a medley of four of their best known songs starting with riffs from “High Voltage Rock & Roll”, I then rolled into “Highway To Hell” before hooking back up with the band when we moved into “Baby Please Don’t Go” then finishing with “TNT”.

I also wanted to have a lead guitar duel with Martin Cilia, who has played in some of Australia’s best known bands like “The Atlantics”, “Mental As Anything” and currently he’s playing with the “Radiators”.

We traded licks in “TNT” just like we’d do in the “Guitar Heroes”.

Can you ever say that you had fun at a funeral?

It was a memorable occasion and along with my memories of Colin I’ll always remember playing at his “Memorial Concert”

I started the set with one of the slide guitar’s most famous songs, the Elmore James classic “Dust My Broom”.

Because Colin always complimented me on my slide guitar playing so that was my tip of the hat and wink to Colin as he was looking down on the event from above.

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