Why Trinity College London guitar lessons are the best way to learn guitar

[fusion_text]Trinity College London guitar lessonsEver heard of Trinity College London guitar lessons? It’s a proven music education system that trumps just about any other method of learning the guitar.

Why? Because it allows you to learn to read and understand the theory of music, track your progress, obtain real credentials, and reach your full potential as a musician.

If you are serious about learning the guitar properly, there is no better way than the Trinity College London system. Every year, more than 600,000 people take their Trinity College London exam – it’s an expertly designed, proven method of music education.

Let’s jump into these three game-changing benefits of Trinity College London guitar lessons below.

1. Track your progress

Learning the guitar is tricky and takes real dedication, and it’s not uncommon for beginners to feel a little disheartened at first. But, when you learn guitar through a structured system, you can quickly and accurately track your progress.

The Trinity College London music education system consists of nine ‘Grades’ – students work their way from Initial Grade through to Grade Eight. Moving on to a new, higher Grade gives you a great sense of satisfaction. It confirms that, despite any doubts, you are improving.

2. Obtain real credentials

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Are you interested in pursuing a career as a guitarist? The Trinity College London System is a fantastic place to start.

As you progress through this world-renowned system, you’ll have the option to sit an exam. These exams are not compulsory but are a great way to earn official recognition and real credentials that you can use to bolster university and job applications.

Although they sound daunting, Trinity College London exams are pretty straightforward. They are flexible, too, meaning you can play to your strengths.

The exams consist of three critical elements:

  • A performance of your chosen arrangements. Guitarists are required to play three arrangements from the Grade’s collection – you have full control over which compositions you perform.
  • A technical assessment. Again, you can choose what to play during this section of the exam. You can perform scales and arpeggios, or a short exercise that explores similar playing techniques.
  • Supporting tests. You will need to complete two supporting tests. The first must be a sight-reading examination. The second can be either an aural or music knowledge assessment.

The full exam takes about 10 to 20 minutes, depending on your Grade.

Hundreds of our students have taken the exams,  and we are very proud that we have one of the highest Trinity College London exam pass rates in the world.

3. Reach your full potential as a musician

If you are passionate about music, give yourself the tools you need to reach your full potential as a guitarist with Trinity College London guitar lessons.

The internet is saturated with quick-fixes and short courses that claim to transform a beginner into a pro in a matter day or weeks. Truth is, these don’t work. They don’t give you the technical foundation, structure, theoretical knowledge, and supporting material you need to develop into a skilled, confident, well-rounded musician.

Instead, you’ll end up frustrated and disheartened.

Don’t short-change your passion. Give yourself the best chance of success.

Access Trinity College London guitar lessons online

Don’t have a music teacher near you that follows the Trinity College London system? Want to learn guitar online on your own schedule? Looking for high-quality lessons that you can start right now?

Find out more about my online Trinity College London guitar lessons here.[/fusion_text]

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